It's great - just like Dad's!

They’ll be learning too, because from its compact, smooth-running OHV engine to its easily-handled brakes, steering, suspension and track, this smart, sporty-looking machine shares the mechanical principles of its larger siblings and is every inch a ‘real’ snowmobile. So when the time arrives, the transition to their own full-size Yamaha will come easily and naturally.

In the meantime, the SRX 120R promises you real family fun out on the snow – and won’t they just love it?


  • Smooth 123cc 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Limited top speed – around 13 km/h
  • 3-way adjustable rear suspension
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Tough Camso® track for strong traction
  • Comfortable seat for stability and control
  • Special handlebar design for nimble cornering
  • Comfortable ‘J-hook’ handlebars and mountain strap
  • Special seat design suits all riding styles
  • Sleek body design – based on full-size Sidewinder
  • Uber-cool Yamaha Racing-style graphics


The rear suspension gives a comfortable ride and is adjustable over a range of 3 settings so that as a child grows, the SRX 120 can ‘grow’ too! Over bumpy snow, the frame sliding mechanism allows a see-saw motion for a smoother ride, while its 100mm stroke length gives the SRX 120 a level of suspension performance comparable to a full-size model.

The SRX 120 is designed to familiarise young riders with the enjoyment that comes from having control over their machine. So the all-important front suspension design is essentially no different to a full-size Yamaha snowmobile. Its smooth stroke and minimal change in camber angle offer nimble cornering with least force on the handlebars.

The sporty-sounding 123cc OHV engine of the SRX 120, with its reliable transistorised ignition is compact and well balanced within the body of the machine – just like a full-size model – and it’s a smooth-running, quiet and economical Yamaha 4-stroke too, so reliability is assured. Top speed is limited to around 13 km/h.

For young riders to grow in confidence and gain the most fun from their early snowmobile adventures, the machine’s balance, controllability and comfort needs to be every bit as good as a full-size. Which is why the specially designed handlebars and comfortable seat play an important part in making the SRX 120 so easy to control and handle.

For any child, the thrill of a first solo snowmobile experience is hard to beat – and they’ll love the SRX 120 from the moment they fire it up. But so that parents can enjoy it too, we’ve limited the top speed to around 13 km/h and added a tether switch to stop the engine automatically should the rider part company with the machine.

Like we said, although the SRX 120 is made for children, it’s no toy, so we’ve given it a thoroughly grown-up Camso® track for great grip on the snow. What’s more, for maximum traction and minimal understeer in cornering, it has a specially designed lug set (17.5 mm height) and the same track construction as our full-size models.

The SRX 120 features a striking body design, directly descended from the aggressive styling of Dad’s Sidewinder! The seating and handlebar arrangement are designed for simple steering and control, which really helps build a young rider’s confidence. It even has the uber-cool Yamaha Racing-style graphics and colour scheme.


Tehnički Podaci

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  • Motor
    Type / Displacement
    4 Stroke / 123
    Bore x stroke
    56.0 mm x 50.0 mm
    B-18Mikuni TM33 Flat Slide x 1
    Intake design
    Ignition system
    Clutch / transmission
    centrifugal automatic, Chain
    Disc brake system
    Adjustable band
  • Ogibljenje
    Front suspension system
    double wishbone
    Front shocks
    Front travel
    76 mm
    Rear suspension system
    Slide-rail, torsion spring
    Rear shocks
    Rear travel
    114 mm
  • Dimenzije
    Overall height
    787 mm
    Overall length
    1,816 mm
    Overall width
    876 mm
    Track W x L x H
    254 mm x 1,727 mm x 18 mm
    Track type
    Camso® Block Pattern
    Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)
    780 mm
    Fuel tank capacity
  • Karakteristike
    Electric start
    Hand & thumb warmers
    Headlight watts, type
    DC output

Motorne sanke su napravljene da rade u okviru svojih predviđenih granica. Zbog trajnosti, pouzdanosti, ali što je najvažnije od svega, bezbednosti operatera, ni u kojem slučaju ne treba prekoračiti preporučene kapacitete navedene u uputstvu za upotrebu. Obratite se prodavcu motornih sanki prilikom odabira motornih sanki za vaše posebne potrebe. Uvek nosite kacigu, zaštitu za oči i zaštitnu odeću. Vozite uvek odgovorno i u okviru svojih ograničenja, poštujući okolinu kao i državne i lokalne zakone. Prikazani vozači su profesionalci: ne pokušavajte ih oponašati. Specifikacije, dimenzije i izgled Yamaha proizvoda prikazanih na ovom sajtu, povremeno će se menjati bez prethodne najave. Proizvodi prikazani na ovoj stranici su samo ilustrativni i nisu ugovorni opis proizvoda. Neki modeli su prikazani sa opcionom dodatnom opremom.