XT1200Z Super Ténéré


Go Beyond

Adventure travelling takes skill, courage and endurance – as well as faith in your machine. Faith that it’ll love rocky river crossings and dirt roads as much as you do. Faith that it’s going to be comfortable on a long freeway haul. Faith that it’s got what it takes to carve up twisty mountain roads.

The Super Ténéré is built from the ground up to be the most exciting next-generation adventure tourer, combining Yamaha’s Dakar-bred toughness and reliability with light, easy handling and advanced rider assist technology.

The Super Ténéré is now available in eye-catching, distinctive Matt Grey.


  • Shaft drive inline 2-cyl engine – 270-degree crank
  • Mass kept low and central for agile handling
  • Intelligent Unified Brake System and ABS
  • YCC-T, 3-stage traction control, Yamaha D-mode
  • Tough spoked, tubeless aluminium rims
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Adjustable seat height


Shaft drive inline 2-cylinder engine – 270-degree crank

Tear up tarmac and move mountains of sand with 1199cc of effortless, 270-degree inline 2-cylinder grunt. Big, flexible torque meets 112PS of quick-revving power in a big-bore engine that’s mounted low in the frame for sharper handling.

Mass kept low and central for agile handling

A low and central centre of mass was one of Yamaha’s key design goals. You’ll notice the effects straight away – the superb balance and agility you feel at slow speeds and on loose surfaces, and the light, quick steering as you flick the bike effortlessly through switchback corners on mountain roads.

Intelligent Unified Brake System + ABS

The smart ABS system predicts when the wheels are about to slide, and smoothly intervenes. And the Unified Brake System lets you choose between braking both wheels with just the front lever, or controlling each wheel by touching the rear brake pedal first. Together they deliver exceptional control in a wide range of riding conditions.

YCC-T with 3-stage traction control

Choose how you want to ride, and get on the gas with confidence. The Super Ténéré features advanced Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) technology with 3-stage traction control that can be turned off when it’s time for a little rear-wheel steering in the dirt. The bike also has switchable Yamaha D-MODE engine mapping.

Tough spoked, tubeless aluminium rims

For reliable performance over the toughest off-road obstacles, the Super Ténéré runs spoked, tubeless aluminium rims. The narrow front rim features two Double T-type rails at the rim end of the spokes, letting the spokes cross over further to help generate the rigidity you need for agile on-road handling.

Adjustable front and rear suspension

Set the bike up for any situation – the Super Ténéré’s upside-down forks are fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. You can adjust the rear monoshock for preload and rebound damping without getting any tools out, making it easy to prepare the bike for passengers or heavy luggage.

Adjustable seat height

Adjust the seat height between 845-870 mm to suit your height and riding position preferences.

Tehnički podaci


Tip agregataForward-inclined parallel 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves
Zapremina1,199 cm³
Prečnik x hod98 mm x 79.5 mm
Stepen kompresije11.0 : 1
Maksimalna snaga82.4 kW (112PS) @ 7,250 rpm
Verzija sa smanjenom snagomN/A
Maksimalan obrtni moment117.0 Nm (11.9 kg-m) @ 6,000 rpm
Sistem podmazivanjaDry sump
Tip kvačilaWet, Multiple Disc
Napajanje gorivomElectronic Fuel Injection
Sistem paljenjaTCI
Sistem pokretanjaElectric
Sistem prenosaConstant Mesh, 6-speed
Završni prenosShaft
Potrošnja gorivaN/A
Emisija CO2N/A


RamSteel tube backbone
Sistem prednjeg oslanjanjaUpside-down telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm
Hod prednjeg oslanjanja190 mm
Ugao prednje viljuške28º
Predtrag126 mm
Sistem oslanjanja pozadiSwingarm, Adjustable preload and rebound damping, (link suspension), Monoshock
Hod oslanjanja pozadi190 mm
Prednja kočnicaHydraulic dual disc, Ø 310 mm wave discs
Zadnja kočnicaHydraulic single disc, Ø 282 mm wave disc
Prednja guma110/80R19M/C 59V
Zadnja guma150/70R17M/C 69V


Ukupna dužina2,250 mm
Ukupna širina980 mm
Ukupna visina1,410 mm high 1,470 mm
Visina sedišta845/870 mm
Međuosovinski razmak1,540 mm
Minimalna udaljenost od tla190 mm
Težina (s punim rezervarom ulja i goriva)257 kg
Kapacitet rezervoara goriva23 litres
Kapacitet rezervoara za ulje4.2 litres

Uvek nosite kacigu, zaštitu za oči i zaštitnu odeću. Yamaha preporučuje sigurnu vožnju i poštivanje drugih vozača. Fotografije prikazane u ovoj brošuri prikazuju profesionalne vozače u kontrolisanim uslovima. Specifikacije Yamaha proizvoda predmet su promene bez prethodne najave i mogu se razlikovati u skladu sa zahtevima i uslovima. Za više informacija obratite se svom Yamaha trgovcu.