X-MAX 125


125cc capacity, MAX experience

At Yamaha we believe that commuting should always be fun. And the XMAX 125 is built to make every trip more enjoyable by giving you the ideal balance of sportiness, practicality and functionality.

Whether you’re new to scooters or looking for your next model, you are going to like what you see when you take a closer look. The 2018 model features our Smart Key keyless ignition for simple fuss-free operation – and under the seat there’s a huge storage compartment.

Exclusive dual LED headlights and dynamic design underline the XMAX 125’s premium quality – and with traction control and ABS as standard, you’re in control. Choose the X-MAX 125. Start with the best.


  • Newly-designed premium 125cc sport scooter
  • Compact MAX-design body with easy ergonomics
  • Dual LED headlights & LED tail lights
  • Smart Key keyless ignition
  • Traction control system (TCS)
  • Motorcycle type front forks
  • Huge illuminated storage for 2 full-face helmets
  • Spacious dual seat with separate rider’s backrest
  • Powerful and economical 125cc EU4 engine
  • Tool-adjustable handlebars and 2-position screen
  • Stylish instruments with large LCD display
  • 12V outlet in front left storage compartment


Sporty, stylish and practical 125cc scooter

Every Yamaha XMAX scooter has been developed using pure and undiluted MAX DNA. So as soon as you jump aboard your new XMAX 125 you’ll experience agile handling together with strong acceleration, making this sporty, stylish and practical sports scooter a fast and effective commuter – and your entry into the MAX family.

Smart Key keyless operation

When you’re commuting you want every journey to be as easy and stress free as possible. Which is why we’ve equipped the XMAX 125 with a Smart Key keyless ignition system. As long as you have the key with you, you can unlock and start your scooter and access the underseat storage without having to physically put the key in the ignition.

Traction Control System

On a typical ride to work you may encounter everything from wet roads through to shiny manhole covers and polished cobblestones – and even mud or dirt near construction sites. Thanks to the XMAX 125’s Traction Control System you can now ride with confidence, because it gives you added control by maintaining rear wheel grip on slippery surfaces.

Huge underseat storage

The XMAX 125 may be one of the sleekest and sportiest scooters in its class – but it’s also one of the most practical thanks to the huge underseat storage space! Just flip up the seat and you can store 2 full-face helmets or a laptop and more – and for added convenience a neat box light illuminates the compartment.

Full LED lighting

Take one look at the face of the XMAX 125 and it’s clear to see that this sporty scooter’s look is inspired by our high-performance MAX scooters. The angular dual headlights feature full LED lighting that gives a powerful beam and reduces energy consumption – and with front and rear position lights and LED tail lights, the XMAX 125 is ready to see and be seen.

Motorcycle-type front forks

When you’re commuting along the highway you can’t see what your suspension is doing, but you’ll certainly feel the difference that the motorcycle type forks make on the XMAX 125. With 110mm of travel, they soak up the bumps for a smoother ride – and they’re also designed to give you maximum comfort and control during braking and cornering.

Excellent rider and passenger comfort

Most people would agree that the XMAX 125 is a pretty cool looking scooter – but that doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on comfort. Check out the luxurious dual seat, and you can see that this sporty commuter is built to feel good and look good. And with plenty of legroom, you can choose your own riding style to suit any situation.

Premium quality design and finish

One of the things that make MAX scooters so very special is the fact that they combine advanced Yamaha technology with a sporty design and compact dimensions. And it’s this distinctive MAX style – together with the premium quality evident in the overall fit and finish – that makes the XMAX 125 a scooter that you’ll be proud to be seen with.

Tehnički podaci


Tip agregataJednocilindričan, hlađenje vodom, 4-takta, SOHC, 4-ventila
Zapremina124 cm³
Prečnik x hod52.0 mm x 58.6 mm
Stepen kompresije11.2 : 1
Maksimalna snaga10.5 kW @ 8,750 rpm
Verzija sa smanjenom snagomN/A
Maksimalan obrtni moment12.0 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Sistem podmazivanjaMokri karter
Tip kvačila 
Napajanje gorivomUbrizgavanje goriva
Sistem paljenjaTCI
Sistem pokretanjaElektrično
Sistem prenosaAutomatski s V-kaišom
Završni prenosKaiš
Potrošnja goriva2.7 l/100km
Emisija CO263 g/km


Sistem prednjeg oslanjanjaTeleskopske viljuške, Ø 41 mm
Hod prednjeg oslanjanja110 mm
Ugao prednje viljuške 
Sistem oslanjanja pozadiOscilirajuća ruka
Hod oslanjanja pozadi75 mm
Prednja kočnicaHidraulični disk, Ø 267 mm
Zadnja kočnicaHidraulični disk, Ø 245 mm (ABS)
Prednja guma120/70-15
Zadnja guma140/70-14


Ukupna dužina2.185 mm
Ukupna širina775 mm
Ukupna visina1.415 mm
Visina sedišta795 mm
Međuosovinski razmak1,526 mm
Minimalna udaljenost od tla130 mm
Težina (s punim rezervarom ulja i goriva)175 kg
Kapacitet rezervoara goriva13 Litara

Uvek nosite kacigu, zaštitu za oči i zaštitnu odeću. Yamaha preporučuje sigurnu vožnju i poštivanje drugih vozača. Fotografije prikazane u ovoj brošuri prikazuju profesionalne vozače u kontrolisanim uslovima. Specifikacije Yamaha proizvoda predmet su promene bez prethodne najave i mogu se razlikovati u skladu sa zahtevima i uslovima. Za više informacija obratite se svom Yamaha trgovcu.