Full-blown trail excitement – in a compact new size!

At its heart is an industry first – a brand new, fuel-injected 397cc 2-stroke power unit, punching out around 65 smooth horsepower – with impressive amounts of trail-busting torque. In fact, performance that’s perfectly matched to the cutting-edge design of the chassis, suspension, track and skis.

Compact it may be, but the on-board luxury and comfort are 100% full-size! Practical too, with electric starting and push-button electronic reverse, adjustable hand and thumb warmers and clear, stylish digital gauges to keep you up to speed. All in all, the SXVenom is a mighty impressive new machine.


  • New 397cc single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with EFI
  • New compact 7/8 scale sled – a great all-rounder
  • New ultra-lightweight chassis for supreme agility
  • Rear suspension system with dual twin-tube shocks
  • Lightweight 38-inch SRV front suspension
  • Camso Hacksaw 121 x 14 track – for power and drive
  • New Yamaha STRYKE single-keel trail skis
  • Serrated (punched) running boards for great grip
  • Electronic push-button reverse & electric starting
  • Comfortable trail seat for long days out
  • Adjustable Handlebar & thumb warmers
  • Stylish digital gauges & low sleek windshield


This new 2-stroke unit is yet another industry first, its efficient EFI system helping it punch out around 65 very lively horsepower. With such a lightweight engine (under 50 lbs) partnering such a lightweight machine, the result is a power-to-weight ratio that promises high-level excitement all the way down the trails – and out into the back country. Pure fun!

The latest-technology alloy chassis has been designed to take full advantage of the responsive, free-revving new engine. In development, the focus has been on saving weight without compromising strength and durability, enabling this innovative machine to offer very nimble handling, razor-sharp agility and a comfortable, balanced ride.

For exceptional handling and agility, the SXVenom’s 10.7″ rear suspension system features torsion springs and dual, twin-tubed shocks. The combination of this versatile system with the advanced front suspension and super-light chassis has created a uniquely capable trail machine – one that isn’t just dynamic, but that also feels comfortable and relaxing to ride.

A direct descendent of our sleek SRV-M suspension, this system is not only ultra-lightweight, but its compact design reduces the unwanted drag of suspension components in deep snow. The neutral stance delivers great manoeuvrability in tight terrain, while still showing polite and predictable manners on the trail.

Light, forged aluminium spindles and wide-spaced control arms on the SRV front suspension, give a large caster angle for tight turns and ultra-precise straight-line steering. This format has been specially chosen to complement the characteristics and footprint of the new single-keel Yamaha STRYKE skis. Result? Unmatched handling precision in all snow conditions.

Perfectly tuned to our compact-size SXVenom, with its lightweight chassis and suspension, the proven Camso Hacksaw track’s 121 x 14 footprint helps you blast away up the trails like no other in its class. In fact, this machine is so versatile that it also offers outstanding levels of grip and propulsion in deep snow, promising stunning performance in all conditions.

The seat is great for long days out on the trails, but despite a strong focus on comfort, the design of the seat also helps to give you precise handling control, enabling you to lean easily – and change smoothly from sitting to standing in a blink. The serrated running boards shed snow easily and give you great grip and confidence when riding standing up.

From the moment you step aboard, the fun can start, thanks to the turnkey electric starting and the supreme efficiency of the EFI system. Once you’re out there in the deep powder, the simple, push-button electronic reverse system comes into its own to get you out of a tight spot. The audible ‘beeper’ warning helps with safer manoeuvring.

Practical luxuries are a well-known Yamaha snowmobile speciality and a great many are incorporated in the new Venom line-up. Examples are the adjustable hand and thumb warmers, which are comfortingly standard, while our new compact and stylish digital gauge keeps you informed with clear displays of rpm, speed, fuel and hours run, as well as important engine data.


Tehnički Podaci

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  • Motor
    Type / Displacement
    2 Stroke / 397 cc
    Bore x stroke
    85,0 mm x 70,0 mm
    Electronic injection
    Intake design
    Piston Reed Valves
    Ignition system
    Digitally Controlled CDI
    APV with tuned pipe
    Clutch / transmission
    Team Rapid / Reverse push Button Engine
    Disc brake system
    Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder w/ light weight Caliper
  • Ogibljenje
    Front suspension system
    SRV-M New Spindle
    Front shocks
    Hydraulic Twin Tube
    Front travel
    183 mm
    Rear suspension system
    Dual Shock SR 121 Torsion
    Rear shocks
    Hydraulic Twin Tube / Hydraulic Twin Tube
    Rear Travel
    272 mm
  • Dimenzije
    Overall height
    965 mm
    Overall length
    2921 mm
    Overall width
    1117 mm
    Track W x L x H
    356 mm x 3 073 x mm x 25,4 mm
    Track Type
    Camso® Hacksaw 1.0”
    Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)
    952,5 mm - 978 mm adjustable
    Fuel tank capacity
    44,3 L
  • Karakteristike
    Electric start
    Hand & thumb warmers
    DC output

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