Delivering the best power-to-weight in the class

The innovative, lightweight design F130 lets you relax and enjoy your boat to the full – knowing you’re powered by one of the cleanest, smoothest engines on the planet.

Not only is the engineering impressive – this is a 1.8 litre, 16 big-Valve, in-line 4-cyl DOHC 4-stroke – but it’s blended with a host of electro/technical features to make life easier: Compatibility with our optional Digital Network System, Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt with Tilt angle limiter and Y-COP® remote security system (both optional) to name but a few.

The efficiency of our well proven EFI systems and other new combustion technologies ensure the utter dependability of this outstanding Yamaha engine.


  • 1,832cc 16-Big-Valve DOHC in-line 4 cyl 4-stroke
  • Weighs only 174kg – class-leading power-to-weight
  • EFI – clean, efficient performance and reliability
  • Latest-generation top cowling – sleek and compact
  • Compatible with Yamaha Digital Network System
  • Variable Trolling RPM system – for relaxed boating
  • Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option
  • 35A High Output alternator – extra starting power
  • Single Ram PTT and optional Tilt Angle Limiter
  • Shallow Water Drive for cruising close inshore
  • TALON Series propeller – damps noise and vibration


1,832cc 16-Big-Valve DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 4-stroke

With its innovative intake and exhaust valve design – and twin camshafts, each driven independently – the F130’s intake and exhaust efficiency are dramatically improved, optimising fuel use during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures easy starting, consistent running, longer plug life – and complete dependability.

Compact, lightweight design – ideal for re-powering

The versatile F130 is the leading power-to-weight performer in its class, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of activities – and opening up exciting opportunities for re-powering. The remarkable, powerful performance and smooth 4-stroke efficiency bring a new lease of life to older boats of many types and sizes.

Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option

The optional Y-COP immobiliser system is simple, easy to use and highly effective – a neat and simple remote control locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button. This prevents your outboard engine being taken for any unauthorised joyrides, offering you peace of mind when leaving your boat unattended.

Digital Network Gauges (optional)

All our EFI engines can be linked, via Yamaha’s own network system, to a wide range of digital instruments – to help you get the best from your engine. A multi-function tachometer displays RPM, engine hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lamps. The combined Speed & Fuel Management gauge shows speed, fuel tank level and economy data.

Variable Trolling RPM Control – no more speeding worries

A very relaxing and reliable system, which is standard on the F130. Simply set and hold the low speed rpm (between 600 & 1000) in 50 rpm steps, using a button on the tachometer. This advanced system resets automatically when the throttle is moved again.

35 Amp High Output alternator

A special High Output alternator system is fitted as standard on the F130, to ensure that plenty of power is available for engine starts – even after long periods at low RPM or when using multiple accessories. A comforting thought when you’re out fishing – at night – or planning a long, lazy day on the river.

Tehnički podaci


Engine type4-stroke
Displacement1,832 cm³, –
No. of cylinders/Configuration4/In-line, 16-valve, DOHC
Bore x stroke81.0 mm x 88.9 mm, –
Prop shaft output at mid range95.6kW / 6,300 rpm
Full Throttle Operating Range5,300 – 6,300 rpm
Lubrication systemWet sump
Fuel Induction SystemEFI
Ignition / advance systemTCI
Starter systemElectric with Prime Start™
Gear ratio2.15 (28/13)


Transom heightL:516mm X643mm
Weight with propellerF130AETL: 174.0 kg, F130AETX: 178.0 kg
Fuel tank capacity
Oil pan capacity3.2 litres

Additional features

ControlRemote Control
Trim & Tilt methodPower Trim & Tilt
Light coil / Alternator Output12V – 35A with rectifier/regulator
Tilt limitter (only for remote control specs)Optional
Engine immobilizerYCOP optional
Counter Rotation Model
Shallow Water DriveStandard
Digital Network Gauge II (6Y9/CL7)
Digital Network Gauge (6Y8/6YC)Optional
Variable Trolling SpeedWith DN Gauges
Dual Battery Charging System
Shift Dampener System (SDS)Option
RemarkThe kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft,